Consumerism is tempting us on a daily basis: more objects, food, cloths and other products, some of which are not necessary at all. We are exposed to endless commercial content and other media that shape our perspective of what we should be, look like, and buy.

It would seem that with time, we develop a certain numbness for the true needs of every person, and get carried away by the material world. Heart-Beans encompasses this formula, incorporating elements that its developers deem as basic needs – touch, and communication between a person and himself. To use this object, you must caress it and caressing and hugging it, much like as a baby is held, the user inevitably bonds with it, emotionally.

Project by

Adi navwany , Michal shamsian , Itamar paloge and Danielle ram

Bezalel academy for arts and crafts / Department of Jewelry and fashion

Prof. Yaron Ronen, Prof. Yaniv Steiner, Prof. Jan-Christoph Zoels, Saar Shai, Dave&Esti Bortz

Great thanks to Eric Lerner for these two movies



Click here if you want to watch behind the scenes of the heartbeans project


~ by danielleram on February 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “HeartBeans”

  1. Nicey Nice

  2. keep on the spirit !!!

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